Personal Project 2021 Timeline


       Personal Project 2021 will be launched in May 2020            


Phase 1 - Investigating

  • Define a goal based on personal interests
  • Identify prior and subject-specific knowledge and a global context  

  • Demonstrate research skills


Phase 2 - Planning

  • Develop a proposal of action/criteria

       September          1st Check in

  • Plan and record the development process
  • Demonstrate self-management skills

       November            2nd Check in


Phase 3 - Taking Action

  • Demonstrate communication and social skills
  • Demonstrate thinking skills
  • Create a product or outcome

       December                       3rd Check in                      

       January 13, 14, 15          Exhibition days + Report (rough draft) due


Phase 4 - Reflecting

  • Reflect on the development of ATL skills and as an IB learner
  • Reflect on knowledge and understanding

  • Evaluate the quality of the product/outcome

       January 25             Final Report due




Paul Jean Lavoie IB MYP Coordinator
15350 99th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3R 0R9