The MYP Top Ten #10

The Global Eagle – December 16, 2016
MYP Top 10

1- The Learner Profile
2- Concept based learning
3- Inquiry Questions
4- Global Contexts
5- Assessment
6- Differentiation
7- Collaborative Planning
8- Interdisciplinary Learning
9- Approaches to Learning
10- Reflection
As we finish with the MYP Top 10, meant to help us to deepen our understanding of the Middle Years Programme, this week I invite you to read about the role of reflection in the MYP. The pages 70 & 71 From Principles into Practice guide explain the IB perspective on reflection as a powerful tool in teaching and learning.
I wish everyone happy holidays, a fruitful time for reflection about the year(s) past and of anticipation about the new one coming.
MYP Coordinator


Paul Jean Lavoie IB MYP Coordinator
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